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memory game integration

Dan Williams-4

I've autotooled memorygame and made it work within sugar-jhbuild.  So,
you can now:

./sugar-jhbuild buildone memorygame

and that will install it into the correct location and make everything
"just work" :)  Then you can do ./sugar-jhbuild run and memory game
should show up.

You'll likely want to make changes to sugar-jhbuild/sources/memorygame
and do git commits and pushes from there.  To do that as your registered
git user, put this in ~/.olpc.jhbuildrc:

repos[''] = 'git+ssh://'

and since you have commit access to that repo, it will work fine.

Next, I'd like us to think about how memory starts a game (either single
or multiplayer) and try to get that up and working.  It may require some
refactoring to set up the game data like # of players and everything a
bit later (like on the first click).  I think we also discussed some of
the client/server communication that goes on when a multiplayer game is

I'll think a bit more about it tonight and post something to the list.