Self teaching through smartphones

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Self teaching through smartphones

Stephen B. Jencks
We would like to partner with OLPC and anyone interested in the work OLPC is doing.

Our group Smart Start Bangladesh and Computers are Free For Everyone is engaged in providing early childhood education to poor people in Bangladesh.  Our initiative, inspired by OLPC, is the creation of a touchscreen ecosystem of self learning applications targeted towards preschool aged children.  

To help fund this project we are applying to start a non-profit called the Smartphone Foundation  .

Some of the things we are looking for include;

Candidates to serve on the board
Financial Support
Partnerships with media companies
Partnerships with mobile app development companies
Partnerships with smartphone device companies

If OLPC or anyone else out there is interested we would welcome your inquiries.

We do not want to duplicate other efforts.  If anyone knows of a similar initiative we would welcome an introduction.  

Dhaka, Bangladesh
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