School Server Summit/Sprint Oct 10-13 in Toronto!

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School Server Summit/Sprint Oct 10-13 in Toronto!

Adam Holt-2
Mark your calendars if you care about school servers and offline digital libraries of any kind!  The Community Edition of OLPC's XS school server (XSCE) has made tremendous advances over the past year, as more countries (Ghana, Rwanda, Fiji etc) now have emerging deployments, while the work in Haiti is expanding.

But why stop with when we can shortly put the Internet-in-a-Phone and similar!  Many more details to be announced here in coming weeks, as we broaden our XSCE work with the growing OpenStreetMap community worldwide:

This Toronto event will primarily be a hack/design/architectural sprint, but govt/education/implementation folks who drive who drive our requirements (at every level) are Most Welcome!  Whether or not OLPC Canada can co-host this with us remains a dream at this point, but they are headquartered right there in Toronto, Canada and we're optimistic; we shall see =)

Hope to see many of you Oct 10-13 Celebrating Canajun Thanksgiving together, and the continuing legacy of the OLPC/Sugar volunteering movement, Mark your Calendars & RSVP!

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