Re: how to install essential codecs from rpmfusion to, gstreamer 1.0 comparable to current script for gstreamer0.1

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Re: how to install essential codecs from rpmfusion to, gstreamer 1.0 comparable to current script for gstreamer0.1

Hi, James

Clearly installing codecs for mp3 and mp4 does not meet anyones
standards for software freedom. I notice this issue did not impact
OLPC's decision to support importing WIndows XP.

I really have no idea now who this OLPC is that makes these interesting
decisions. OS-builder is brilliant software but useless for needs of a
deployment. First, it requires technical expertise and access to the
internet. It is also not compatible with the 'locked' state of the XO
in Rwanda.

I have never used (or intend to use) the update feature. The software
should not be changed during a school year (except in the case of some
emergency defect in Sugar or Fedora). Between school years, the upgrade
is accomplished by reflashing the XO to the new Sugar level.

Updating multiple laptops is made more difficult by another interesting
decision - not to support nandblaster. However, this is a
manageable restriction (multiple usb keys and time).

I will try your recommendation to provide an update to the install of
the codecs to gstreamer 1.0.

The switch to libav is an example of another interesting trend in open
software, the substitute project - e. g. Libre Office, MariaDB, and libav.

There is no issue of refusal, I deeply respect your products. In this
case, they don't fit into the deployment environment over which I have
no control.

(by happenstance, I have to delay sending this email because my internet
connection has been lost).


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> Subject: Re: how to install essential codecs from rpmfusion to
> gstreamer 1.0 comparable to current script for gstreamer0.1
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> In the GStreamer 0.1 to 1.0 transition, the codecs and dependencies
> changed, in particular gstreamer1-libav should be substituted for
> gstreamer-ffmpeg.
> These codecs you asked about are third-party software that do not meet
> the OLPC standards for software freedom.  The use of such software is
> unsupported; OLPC does not endorse or encourage its use.
> Also, OLPC doesn't don't support your method of changing the
> filesystem, instead we provide olpc-os-builder, because it works with
> our olpc-update feature.  The codecs you asked about can be added to
> your builder configuration;
> Many deployments use my restricted software builds, which are based on
> the open source builds, but are not available for public download.
> Using a restricted software build from me means you don't have to
> rerun the builder.  The build installs as usual, and has the codecs
> you asked about preinstalled.
> My restricted software builds are made in Australia from imported
> components, using the same infrastructure as the open source builds.
> If you refuse to use my restricted builds, refuse to use the builder,
> don't mind your changes being lost when you use olpc-update, and don't
> mind having to scale your change up to multiple laptops, then you can
> add codecs after install:

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