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Re: gnome-python jhbuild issues

Marco Pesenti Gritti
Ccing the list since it seem a common issue.

Dan Williams wrote:
> Hey,
> Some people ran into issues with jhbuild again; gnome-python-desktop
> failed because 'bonobo-types.def' wasn't present in the jhbuild
> buildroot.

Yeah, that was a gnome-python-desktop bug. I just checked in a patch.

> Doing './sugar-jhbuild buildone gnome-python' fixed that, because that's
> where the bonobo python bindings are.

That's not necessary... gnome-python-desktop should use the right path
for gnome-python if it's installed or not build modules that depends on
gnome-python if it's not installed. Unfortunately this was broken.

I fixed this already in a pair of gnome-python-desktop modules...
hopefully I catched all of them now. Though if people still get issues
with gnome-python-desktop please let me know.

>   I see that gnome-python-desktop
> has a jhbuild dep on gnome-python,

You must have an old sugar-jhbuild checkout? There should not be a dep
on gnome-python anymore...

>  but there is no module definition for
> it in the build-scripts/ directory...  Any ideas?

See in sugar.modules:

<include href="jhbuild/modulesets/gnome-2.16.modules"/>

We are getting modules from there too (and unless we have special needs
that's the preferred way, less stuff for us to maintain).