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Jim Gettys-3
I signed OLPC up for Google's Summer of Code.  If you'd like to be a
mentor, drop me a note with your background, and register as a mentor at
the Google site.  Note that being a mentor is a commitment you should
take seriously, and involves a significant commitment of time on your

See: http://code.google.com/ for details.

If you have suggestions of clearly worthwhile projects, please make a
wiki page and put a link to that page in
http://wiki.laptop.org/wiki/OLPC_Google_Summer_of_Code as soon as
possible and drop a note to the [hidden email] list.

My apologies for the late notice; things have been a bit busy around
here with working electronics keeping us hopping, and both Chris
Blizzard and I have been a bit under the weather.

I believe much/most of the work OLPC needs doing is likely to be in
other projects (e.g. memory consumption, making applets power aware,
making key applications usable on smaller screens and/or BW); don't let
that deter you from suggesting them.  Also don't forget that the laptops
imply servers in schools, and there are many opportunities there as well
for worthwhile software.

And far from least, if you have cool ideas for educational software,
that is also very welcome.

I'd also like a few volunteers to review the ideas for sanity; drop me a
note if you'd like to help.  If need be, we'll have a phone call to discuss
the ideas later this week.

And if you are a student, and have a good idea, please follow the same
process to enter your good idea.

                                     - Jim Gettys

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child