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Adam Holt-2
What can we learn from this in prep for Apr 6-10th's doc sprint??  (http://j.mp/xomanual)
Ideally!  Not that we've yet reached the dream of all kids/users being developers too ;)

Subject: Re: [Sugar-devel] Sugar docs
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 16:05:25 +0100
From: Simon Schampijer [hidden email]
To: Bastien [hidden email]
CC: Sugar Devel [hidden email]

On 02/20/2012 04:08 PM, Bastien wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Simon Schampijer[hidden email]  writes:
>> is this [1] the latest version of the Sugar docs? What is the current
>> process for updates (e.g. the upcoming 0.96). Is there someone working on
>> that end? There were questions here at the GNOME doc hackfest [2] what
>> Sugar is doing for documentation and I am not sure if I am fully up to
>> date.
> At the SugarCamp in Paris, I brievely mentioned readthedocs:
>    http://readthedocs.org/
> Florent Pigout told me about this service, which looks quite
> nice.   Maybe the Sugar community could use something like this
> instead of FlossManuals?  FM may be suitable for end-users docs
> but not that much for developers docs.
> Best,

GNOME does use mallard [1] for their documentation in the docs (yelp). 
The concept of "topic-oriented" documentation is nice, I think. 
Furthermore using the same tools as GNOME could help in people doing 
documentation in both projects. When people want to update the current 
floss manuals they could maybe evaluate this first.

We could use mallard as well for API docs, see for example Tomeu's work 
on documenting the Python API docs from introspection [2], the current 
API documentation looks rather outdated [3]. Would be a nice project for 
someone to work on it.


[1] http://projectmallard.org/
[3] http://doc.sugarlabs.org/epydocs/
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