Drexler sings Plan Ceibal

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Drexler sings Plan Ceibal

Yamandu Ploskonka
Jorge Drexler, a noted Uruguayan singer/composer, released a song for "Plan Ceibal", the OLPC/Sugar deployment in Uruguay

(a spot of free translation of part of the lyrics)
..."I'll go navigating
by the Southern sky,
without leaving my heart
by the shade of the ceibo-tree..."

('ceibal' is the ceibo tree, the ceibo being the national flower of Uruguay)

_of_course_ the link to a sound file is .ogg, playable on an XO!

Thanks to Rodolfo Pilas for the announcement,

Jorge Drexler creo e interpretó una hermosa canción (como no podía ser
de otra manera) para el proyecto Ceibal en Uruguay.


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