Data and text over shortwave and OLPC

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Data and text over shortwave and OLPC

Phillip Rhoades
I recently became aware of Kim Andrew Elliot's VOARadiogram (now Shortwave Radiogram). I think that adding FLdigi or a similar piece of software to OLPCs would allow news and educational texts and images to reach even the most remote locations via shortwave broadcast.

OLPC is a great project and shortwave data and text would be a great addition. A wind-up or solar-powered shortwave radio (like the Freeplay) combined with the low power OLPCs (do they still have a dynamo charging option) would allow unlimited texts to be received.

I think that for something meant to be used in remote locations, broadcast text and image support would add a great deal to the machine and to the lives of people using them as a primary window into the world outside their remote locations.

Phillip J Rhoades

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