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Collaboration proposal

Carlos Fernandez

Dear all,


My company is working on a platform to crowdsource projects, included those of ONG’s.


Your project seems amazing to us and is very in line with our core business.


I’d appreciate if you may contact me to see if we can add your projects to our platform so they can be funded from our net in Europe.


Registering your projects in our net is free for you and might help your cause if you get financing, something that, given the nature of your project, I believe very possible.


You can email me or call me to my mobile.


Many thanks!!




Carlos Fernández

Business project manager Latam

Finance Latam

[hidden email]
T.: +55 11 4153-5050
M,: + 55 11 997099365
Skype: carlos.fernandez131


Zed Brasil Comunicação, LTD

Calçada Vega, 23 – 1° piso

Centro de Apoio 2 - Alphaville

Santana de Parnaiba - SP

CEP 06541-040


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