B-52 Bomber of EduTech?

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B-52 Bomber of EduTech?

Adam Holt-2

Will the XO become the B-52 B.U.F.F. "Butt Ugly Fat <Friend>" of educational technology, as disposable tablets come and go?

Amazing story on the history of technology -- how 1950s technology (with all its faults) can be more reliable, more capable, and dependable -- than generations of "Tesla Toys" built since.

With graffiti regularly discovered inside this battered boneyard of workhorse planes, from 3 different generations at the rudder, expected to last into 2040, approaching a century:


(Thanks to Kim Quirk beating "Spares n Repairs" into our heads in 2007...and Nathan Riddle's work reviving XO white batteries now more relevant than ever ;)

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