[Announcement] Sugarizer Server v1.1 is available

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[Announcement] Sugarizer Server v1.1 is available

Lionel Laské

Hi all, 


I'm proud to announce the version 1.1 of Sugarizer Server [1] the server side of Sugarizer application [2]. 


Because Sugarizer Server v1.1 is the foundation for the Sugarizer Deployment in Saint-Ouen [3], lot of works has be done in this version on stability and usability.  

Specifically, new features in this version are: 

  • Classroom handling in dashboard to organize children, 
  • Responsive UI for Dashboard to be usable on smartphone, 
  • Seed script to create users/classrooms from a CSV file, 
  • Improved welcome message on command line: banner, version, settings 
  • Improved resilience, detect: missing settings file, port already in use, fatal error, … 
  • Support for node.js up to 10+, node.js 4 is no longer supported, version 6 is the new minimum, 
  • Support for MongoDB 2.6+, MongoDB 2.4 is no longer supported, version 2.6 is the new minimum 
  • Go to User journal/Launch activity when clicked on Dashboard chart, 
  • Better handling localization on Dashboard, 
  • General improvement on Dashboard UI. 


Find a detailed change log on [4]. 


Sugarizer Server 1.1  is available for any computer using Docker or could be directly installed on Linux, MacOS or Windows. Specific documentation explain how to deploy on a RaspberryPI, Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Service. See here for more [5]. 


Note that since Sugarizer v1.0, Sugarizer Application and Sugarizer Server are split and are updated separately. So like Sugarizer Server v1.0, Sugarizer Server v1.1 could be use by Sugarizer Application v1.0, v1.1 or more. 




P.S.: Special thanks for their contribution on this version to Tarun K. Singhal, Nikhil Mehra, Ashish Aggarwal, Somtochi Onyekwere, Anshuman Bhardwaj and Ahmed Karaman. And a big thanks too to Saint-Ouen IT staff, specifically to Armand Delcros. 


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