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[ANNOUNCE] [X-Posted] FBReader Activity 2

Sayamindu Dasgupta-2
Hello all,
I just released FBReader Activity version 2.

You can download it from http://dev.laptop.org/~sayamindu/FBReader-2.xo
(I have also updated the page at

Please note that this will work only on a 8.2.x release on an OLPC XO-1 system.

This release adds quite a bit of polish to the previous version, and
while there has been no visible changes in the UI, I expect the
in-general reading experience to be much better (especially in
tabled/handheld mode)
Notable changes include:

    * Update to FBReader 0.10.7
    * Ensure that pdb files open
    * Add support for the game-keys (square, cross, triangle, etc).
Functionality of the keys:
       # Circle: Previous Page
       # Cross: Next Page
       # Square: Increase font size
       # Tick: Decrease font size
    * Make keypress based navigation more efficient/foolproof
    * Better state preservation (last open page/paragraph, last font
size are now remembered)

Thank you,

Sayamindu Dasgupta
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